The best response to "fuck you!" is to say "Don't threaten me with a good time" with a suggestive look on your face, amirite?

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Unless the insulter is one of your siblings...

XilianEmpiress avatar XilianEmpires Yeah You Are +16Reply

It's good but i prefer "Not before you take me out to dinner" with the suggestive look added on of course.

Anonymous +9Reply

I usually respond "Yes please."

goodtimes avatar goodtime Yeah You Are +5Reply

Unless you wanted to insult that person, then you'd say: "You shouldn't offer things you can't deliver".

Pulchers avatar Pulcher Yeah You Are +3Reply

'Maybe later' or 'not today, dammit, get your mind out the gutter!' Are two of my favourites.

Not the "best" response, but definitely high on the totem pole of sardonic comebacks.

Jamals avatar Jamal Yeah You Are -4Reply
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