It is so annoying when teachers/professors think it's impossible for a student to know something they don't know, amirite?

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@Emperorerror Example?

okay. so my professor of fiction was asking the meaning of a story (it was called "hills like white elephants") and I wa tr only person who knew what the story was about. he asked how I knew and isaid white elephants have a meaning of being in the womb in India. and he said well that's not the meaning in the book and I said even though the most likely meaning of white elephants in the book is the western meaning of it but you can't dismiss the Indian meaning completely. and he said that it doesn't mean that in Indian/Buddhist culture. but it does and he won't admit it even though I brought in sources clearly stating I am right.

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@Emperorerror Example?

Ah. Don't worry. And yeah, I understand. With things like interpreting a story, that's really irritating. I thought you meant something like the teacher assuming you misspelled a word if it's one they're unaware of.

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