You have felt guilty after having a dream (although it wasn't your fault), amirite?

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I just had one last night. I was supposed to take a friend of mine to the prom, but I was out all night playing virtual reality Call of Duty. Wasn't worth it though, the bastards just kept hiding and knifing people.

I felt bad, so I tried texting her with a juice box, but it wouldn't send the message.

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I love how in some cultures people can actually be held accountable for your dreams. For example, if you have a dream about raping someone, you would definitely be punished for it. Crazy, right?

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MLK Jr did. That's why he hired a hitman on himself.

I only feel emotions when they serve a function. If it's not going to help anyone by feeling guilty, I just don't. If me crying doesn't help the guy in a sad movie, or who it was based on, then I don't.

Guilt serves the purpose of me not doing it again. If the first time didn't hurt anyone, then I don't feel guilt because it's fine to do it again.

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