Don't ask to sign my yearbook and then only write 'have a good summer', amirite?

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It's even worse when they say HAGS

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@pondinariver It's even worse when they say HAGS

I only write that for people who I absolutely hate...

People are always like:
"It was great getting to know you this year! Don't ever change! Have a great summer!!(:"

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I felt so sad reading that...

The worst part is when you're in eighth grade or graduating high school and people write "I wish I could've gotten to know you better! You seem super cool!" You wish you could have had more time to get to know me? What? We've spent the past 3/4 years in the same school. I call bullshit.

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"You don't know me, but you smell nice."

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That's why I write "Have a nice day."

In middle school, one of my "friends" was being a douchebag and just wrote "i hope you fail"... still bugs me

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