Hope is a dangerous thing, amirite?

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No, bears are a dangerous thing.

It is, but so are its opposites--despair and apathy.

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In the words of the monks: hope is a distraction.

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How is hope a dangerous thing?

@Fanatic How is hope a dangerous thing?

I think they're referring to when you have too high of hopes and as a result end up really disappointed.

@Fanatic How is hope a dangerous thing?

Interesting. I guess voting on this post would all just depend on how you look at the concept of hope.

@Fanatic How is hope a dangerous thing?

I would say expectations are a bad thing then, but definitely not hope

@Fanatic How is hope a dangerous thing?

Personally, I think hope is the best thing someone can have because, even if something goes wrong, you can just hope for something new

@Fanatic How is hope a dangerous thing?

I feel like hope is more faith based though, and can carry you through. While having expectations usually leads to a downfall

@Fanatic How is hope a dangerous thing?

Isn't hope, in a way, an expectation for things to get better?

Is this a hunger games reference?

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"There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow"

  • Orison Swelt Marden

Hope is the thing with feathers

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Pandora's Box always comes to mind when someone talks about the dangers of hope

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