For some reason, projecting your thoughts through speech or writing seems to make them truer and for lack of a better phrase more real. For example if you like someone and just keep it to yourself, it just seems like a flimsy thought that you're unsure of. But once you tell a friend through speech or text, it solidifies and you are more certain of your feelings, amirite?

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Thank you. This idea has been in my head forever and ironically I felt it was too "flimsy," as you put it, to share with anyone.

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There's a reason for that. The approximate technical term would be mythophobia. In laymen's terms, it's called The Fear of Being Accused of Lying.

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Sometimes after I share thoughts with people I feel they become more flimsy and unreal sounding than they were just in my head. As if I were overreacting internaly and only realised after I articulated it.


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