The Big Bang Theory isn't intelligent humour, people just think it is because of the intelligent main characters and the random bits of useless information that precede each childish joke, amirite?

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Still it's a funny show

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Talking about the Wolowitz's zero gravity waste disposal system (space toilet)
Howard: Okay make your little jokes, but out of the 4 of us, I'm the only one who's making real world contribution to science and technology.
Rajesh: He's right, this is an important achievement for 2 reasons. Number one ... and of course number two!

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That's probably part of the appeal of it. People like it because they find the jokes funny, and they feel smart because they can understand the main plot points of a show they perceive as intelligent.

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It's definitely not intelligent humor, but for some reason I like it anyway. I know a lot of the Internet is pretty anti-BBT, though (I'm looking at you, Reddit).

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Whenever someones like "Oh, that show is for nerds", i just show them this.
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Gets em every time. Hell, Gets ME every time.

I think it can be occasionally witty and often hilarious. What constitutes as 'intelligent humour' anyway?

Yeah, a lot of it I find stupid ( really hate Raj and Howard) but the parts with better actors are funny.

Something doesn't have to be "intelligent" to be funny, though.

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@Cpt_McMuffin Something doesn't have to be "intelligent" to be funny, though.

I know that, but there are people in the world who believe that if you don't like it, it's because the jokes are too clever for you.

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@Cpt_McMuffin Something doesn't have to be "intelligent" to be funny, though.

Oh yeah, and I agree with you. I like the show, but I wouldn't really call it "smart" either. Sorry I wasn't clear about that.

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i've always just like's kaley C, going all the way back to when the Ellen Show was a TV show and she had this tiny little part

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