Ice cream truck music would be really scary if you heard it passing your house at 3am, amirite?

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It's almost a fact of life: Any children's song heard from 12 am to dawn is creepy beyond belief.

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I don't think I'll be able to sleep after imagining that

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One time I was out jogging at just after sunset, and I live in a neighborhood where the houses are really far apart with long driveways and there are never even lemonade stands, nonetheless ice cream trucks. All of a sudden I heard ice cream truck music in the distance, and then it got closer... and closer...
On the plus side, the adrenaline rush made the run a lot easier.

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Shameful self-promotion! http://amirite.net/716155

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I once watched a short film where the "Do you know the muffin man?" song turned really creepy - I will never hear the song in the same way

Our ice cream truck plays silent night- like it's a funeral. Like da fuckkk. It's an off white windowless van eith dome icre cream printouts on the side with masking tape. Hide yo kids hide yo wife.

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Especially with all the Twisted Metal I've been playing

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