Admit it, the world would be crazy if we all had to be the first thing we wanted to be. For example: A bunch of ninjas, princesses, pirates, etc. amirite?

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I only vote YYA on posts that tell me to admit it.


Well he got me persuaded. This should have been used on Hitler.

Hullabaloos avatar Hullabaloo Yeah You Are +3Reply

I would be a Spice Girl.

notmuchnotmuchs avatar notmuchnotmuch Yeah You Are +9Reply

It would be like adventure time

I'd be a doctor and my sister would be a pole dancer.

ChaseSinclairs avatar ChaseSinclair Yeah You Are +7Reply
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I'd be a dinosaur.

Suzywaos avatar Suzywao Yeah You Are +3Reply

I would be a Beatle.

I'd be a spy. Fuckyeah.

Oddly enough, in preschool I said I wanted to be a nurse. Then I wanted to be an artist, then some other stuff over the years, and now I'm going to school for nursing.

I'd be the Easter Bunny... Oh wait


Eustaces avatar Eustace Yeah You Are +1Reply

I'd be nun.

KirstenAnns avatar KirstenAnn Yeah You Are +1Reply

...a dentist

I would be a frog...

When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina... I'm not a good dancer or graceful at all so that would've been a disaster!

jykjlw2s avatar jykjlw2 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I would be Sharpay from Highschool musical...

ChowMeinss avatar ChowMeins Yeah You Are 0Reply

A power ranger. Oh god.

saywhens avatar saywhen Yeah You Are 0Reply

I would be a bird!

a cat :3

Favvkess avatar Favvkes Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Favvkes a cat :3

shock echoes through the land

sprite590s avatar sprite590 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I wanted to be a tree when I was younger...

Anonymous 0Reply

I'd be a Giraffe ._.'

Anonymous 0Reply


I would be a seismologist, vulcanologist, and a meteorologist all at the same time.

The pay better be good.

Turtles avatar Turtle Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'd be a baker

sprite590s avatar sprite590 Yeah You Are 0Reply
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