When you were younger, you worried about people on the internet finding you in real life. Now you worry about people in real life finding you on the internet. amirite?

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Hey wait... I recognize your profile picture!

thedoctormerlins avatar thedoctormerlin Yeah You Are +18Reply

I'm glad there is a "vote for POTD" button on the mobile site, if you know what I mean.

Runys avatar Runy Yeah You Are +14Reply

it's nice to see a potd with more than 200 votes on it

mattreynoldss avatar mattreynolds Yeah You Are +10Reply

(Runy) : Power of suggestion ;D

8DUrkarons avatar 8DUrkaron Yeah You Are +4Reply

You stole this from tumblr.

@ForeverMarauder You stole this from tumblr.

actually, i don't have a tumblr.

garimaps avatar garimap Yeah You Are -1Reply

I can tell people my tumblr URL because I would have no friends left

I only tell like 3 people my urls and usernames and stuff

KirstenAnns avatar KirstenAnn Yeah You Are 0Reply
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