Whenever you go on an airplane, you always end up next to either the screaming baby, or the loud snorer, amirite?

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In front of me, I usually get the dick who reclines their seat all the way. I've started putting my knees up to hold their seat there, letting them drop and putting my knees back up again. I'm sure people love it.

Usually, that loud snorer is me. :)

I always get stuck in front of the seat kicker. Same for movie theaters...

...or the sick person.

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Or the really loud talker!

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On our family CA trip, I sat by my mom but guess who was across from us? A motha firetrukin screaming children. We almost complained to them because they didn't control their children. Finally, she put on a movie with headphones worst 3 hours ever. Good thing on the way back I sat next to a nice lady.

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