At least once you've competed in the dripping-wet-nude-awkward-sprint from the shower to the towel closet, amirite?

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This doesn't really apply to the post. But my friend had this idea of putting a dryer in the bathroom so you can warm up your towel while you're in the shower and then have a nice toasty towel when you get out. It's not energy efficient by any means but it would definitely feel great.

I usually just stick my head out the bathroom door and yell at people that I'm wet and cold and would like a towel please. Unless no one is home, then its turns from an awkward-naked-sprint to a leisurely-naked-stroll.

I did this and my friend was hiding in the towel closet to scare me. I don't know which of us was more horrified.

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My towel closet is across from the shower in my bathroom.

Why don't people just keep their towels in their bathroom...?

@ali_d Why don't people just keep their towels in their bathroom...?

Ah I see. Do you not have cabinets in your bathroom? We just keep all our towels there.

Awkward? Psh, I think you mean awesome.

The words "wet" and "sprint" sound painful in the same sentence.

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