You're just glad summer's here so everyone can stop talking about wanting it to be summer, amirite?

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While us in the southern hemisphere freeze.

But then we have to brace ourselves for the bikini pics and the "hellooo summmer <3" captions on Facebook.

cherryblasters avatar cherryblaster Yeah You Are +2Reply

Give it 2 weeks and everyone will start talking about how they want it to be fall because it's too hot outside.

I wanted to strangle someone the last few weeks of school. Every time, someone just HAD to say, "You excited for summer?" "I'm so excited for summer!" "What are you doing over the summer?"
It's fun in the beginning, but soon it just gets annoying.

kipkayifys avatar kipkayify Yeah You Are +1Reply

I still have to go in Wednesday afternoon for my last final. It's not summer til after that.

I'm in the north and not even out of school.... :/


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I never wish for it to be summer.

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