When your favorite celebrity seems like a genuinely good person through interviews, pictures, and more things like that, it makes you want to meet them that much more, amirite?

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Ian Somerhalder. He has his own foundation aimed at saving animals and the environment, he's starting a shelter, he supports sea shepherd. And he is smoking hot. swoon

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I have seen videos of Lana Del Rey stopping to talk to each fan waiting for her, joking around with them, and hug the ones that were crying to meet her. It really made me love her more :)

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God, I saw the most adorable photograph of Tom Hiddleston pretending to be dead on the ground as Loki for a tiny (around 6 years old?) Avengers cosplayer. I love that he would take the time to play dead to humor a young fan -- in costume (and likely on set), no less.

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