The term 'Highschool Cross Country Team' is easily synonymous with 'The League of Virgins,' amirite?

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one movie title: JUNO.

Only reason I down-voted is because there was a pregnant girl on the cross country team at my school this past year. I still don't know how she survived the season.

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... Being virgin in high school is a BAD thing now? cool

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Ha I am definitely one to vouch that there were plenty of whores who could run at my school...

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Note: I'm part of said team at my school - this isn't intended to be a genuine insult.

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I don't know what school you go to... but it's certainly the opposite at mine.

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da fuck kinda post is this.... ashamed

Man there's a whole lot of cross-country runners in denial on this site.

I thought they had a weekly orgy

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