I just saw a facebook post stating "when your cousin and bestfriend become fuck buddies... >_<" Some people need to learn to filter what they post. It's fucked up to call out who's having sex with who to hundreds of people and it's kinda weird to talk about sex to an audience of "friends" anyway no matter what you're saying about it, amirite?

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People have been striving for attention since the dawn of time.

Social media sites are just an easy way to say "looooooooooooook at meeeeeeeeeee".

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I told my mom and she goes "who cares if her best friend and cousin are fuck buddies? How do I know it's a girl? Cuz a dude wouldn't do that." I love that bitch.

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omg. i could just imagne that.

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I have a feeling you're the cousin or the best friend... Am I rite or am I rite??😏

Haha nah I'm just kidding.... Yeah that's definitely TMI.

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