You like/are used to the new Amirite layout by now. Amirite?

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The commenting system can go die in a fire....

I really did not like this new layout, I've been on amirite more than 2 years and I really liked every update Anthony did except this one.
I think the whole thing is way too big, it was much cleaner before with a while (or whatever you chose) background, and the posts were smaller and easier to read. The score was easier to read as well.


I still wish the score on posts would appear larger.

There's something wrong with the drawn posts on my computer at least, so I can only see about 3/4 of them. I still don't like the reply system, but there are little things that are definite improvements. For instance, I like how if the post has a lot of comments it's down at the side so you don't have to keep scrolling up to see the posts. I also like the way you can see who voted a comment up by hovering over the number of upvotes (or downvotes) so that it doesn't get in the way when you want to actually vote up a comment. I think the "best of" link is definitely improved, because now you don't have to click "best of" and then find the most loved comments or whatever.

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The new site irritates my eyes, gives me massive headaches, so I've resorted to using the mobile site even when I'm on my computer.

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I agree with a lot if what Bob said above, but for an odd reason I found I could tolerate the new site on my computer background with the wood background. I dunno, it was strange. I really like he touch site now, I think it looks much better, an you can see who voted which way an suggests post for POTD. I agree with Bob that the whole thing is just to big, and awkward to read. The transparent background makes things seem less professional before hand I felt that the post could be either serious or funny, but for some reason I feel like the new post format takes away from that and I tend to take posts less seriously. I don't comment a whole lot so I'm not bothered by the new system but I understand both users and Anthony's reasonings behind it. I don't line that I can't see how many people votes up or down on a certain comment, but you can only see the total.
Also, I don't know if it's my iPod, but it seems that my typing lags, which is really really really frustrating and if only one thing were to change I would ask that it be that.

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@Ras I agree with a lot if what Bob said above, but for an odd reason I found I could tolerate the new site on my...

After crusin' around on computer a little more, I realized you can see how many people voted which way on a comment, so I retract that statement. I just wish the were color coded.

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The only thing I don't like is the fact that I can't see the full picture on picture posts. Otherwise, yeah, it's good.

Facebook needs to take notes from this site on how to change layouts

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