It's interesting hearing what people's passwords are. Not because you want to log in to their account, but because it's interesting knowing what they did for it, like a pet's name, a favorite food, or even just a random word! Amirite?

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That exclamation mark really took me by surprise.
OP must be very enthusiastic about knowing peoples passwords.

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I don't mean to brag, but my passwords are pretty awesome smirk smilie

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Quack6142... for my laptop

My passwords are always either a) fictional character names or b) song titles. So now you know. ^.^

My password for amirite is cookies2765
Because i was hunger and 27 is the age of my brother and 65 is just a fun number

My Amirite password (modified of course) is


In fact, I use this password for just about everything. I've been using it since like third grade.

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My password for just about everything was created because I needed a password for Neopets when I was little so I used my grandma's initials since she was in the same room as me. Hence the password, l123l1.

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