Even though you know they are one, it's still strange to think of the Beatles as a boy-band, amirite?

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I feel like there's a difference between a boy band and a band of boys. I mean, technically, I guess they're a boy band but I'm pretty sure "boy band" means a group of male singers that don't play instruments, not just a band made of only guys.

The definition of "boy band" according to Google is "A pop group composed of attractive young men whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience."

The definition of "boy band" according to Wikipedia is "A boy band (or boyband), in pop, rock, hip hop and R&B music, is loosely defined as a popular music act consisting of about 3-6 male performers. Despite the term "band", boy band members usually do not play musical instruments, either in recording sessions or on stage, although exceptions do exist."

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the beatles are not a boy band...

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