Being a model isn't something to brag about. You'd much rather hear "My child's in school to become a doctor." than "My child's a model." amirite?

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That's true, but when they're bragging about it they aren't talking about the long hours, hard work, etc. They are basically just saying my kid's good looking, and that is what they are proud of.

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If my kid worked extremely hard to achieve success in something they were passionate about, especially in something as difficult and competitive as modeling, I'd brag about it. Why does it need to be compared to something completely different like medicine?
(and p.s., modeling isn't just about having a pretty face)


Yes, from my experience the topic is "casually mentioned"

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I wouldn't really care, as long as they're happy and doing what they love. And even if they're not, I'm just going to be supportive.

Each contribute to the society in one way or another. It is about doing what a person likes and thus being good at it. The question here is how successful are they in their field. Why should some bad doctor's mom feel superior or better than that of Kate Moss for an example.

Yes,being a doctor is more noble and requires years of hardworking and studying medicine, but that doesn't deny the fact that models dedicate a lot of hours to their jobs too, even if it were spent at the gym, it isn't all about the looks.
I don't think anyone should strip anyone of their right to be proud of their sons/daughters, being successful and good at something is an accomplishment no matter what the field is.

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Doctors are better than models so models have nothing to be proud of?

Only if the doctor was hot.

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Well saying that your child is a model is kind of a compliment to you because it's your DNA and all

Sure becoming a doctor requires more academic work, but from what I've heard modeling isn't the easiest to accomplish either.

Why shouldn't you give yourself a nice pat on the back for accomplishing something? I personally don't like when people brag about anything, regardless of whether they're a model or a doctor.

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