If you think about it some animals have super powers. Cheetahs can run up to 75 miles per hour, Chameleons blend in with there surroundings, Possums can pretend to be dead and get away with it, Cats can jump extremely high and low without getting hurt, Birds can fly, Camels can go without drinking water for months and Dolphins can talk to each other under water with their mind. It would be awesome if we had abilities like that, amirite?

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http://vimeo.com/m/30287684 is cooler than any crappy chameleon.

Giraffes can go longer without water than camels.

We do have super powers in a sense. We have opposable thumbs, we can balance on only two of your four limbs, we have both the mental and physical capabilities to create art, technology, and buildings, we have created vast languages, and we have the ability to travel to outer space. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

But it's normal to them, so it's not a superpower. That's like saying we have the superpower of opposable thumbs. In comparison to almost all other animals, that is.

we have healing powers !

We have by far the most effective system of communication and dominate every other species on the planet. Not to mention, we actually have a cerebrum, not just a primitive lymbic system, which allows us to actually enjoy life. Is that special enough?

I think our brain is a super power: we have truly harnessed the world around us. Think about the computer you're on. How immensely complex it is. We built that starting with stone tools.

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