It's so annoying when you go to the pond and see all these ducks practicing their teenage girl faces, amirite?

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Next thing you know they're going to be going "Erm meh gerd! Look at tha way the light hits mah fethaz I'm so pretty everybody look at me!" instead of "quack quack".

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Next thing you know they're going to make facebook accounts, upload pictures of themselves everyday, talk about corny love/life sayings on their status with a "deep" hashtag and the casual <3, and post on their 1 week boyfriend's wall about how much they're experiencing "true love."

I just really hate these kind of people. T_T

You mean like

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@KirstenAnn You mean like http://ctrlv.in/96627

Why is it that I still find this man attractive?

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@KirstenAnn You mean like http://ctrlv.in/96627

You won't let me use you as my avatar but you post pictures that are so tempting (cry2)

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Hi Bob!

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@Myrania Hi Bob!

I know you're expecting me to say "Yes we can!", but instead I'm going to be an asshole and correct you. "Can we FIX it?"

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@Myrania Hi Bob!

I'm sorry, Bob. I haven't watched the show since I was 6. D:

@Myrania Hi Bob!

You are forgiven smile smilie

Haha. For some reason, it reminded me of YouTube video thumbnail

Cutest thing ever(:

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I read stuff about people like this all the time but have never personally seen it. Am I the only person that isn't friends with annoying people? Sure I only have 20 friends on Facebook but that's so I won't have to deal with shit like that. Seriously. Other people don't have accept an "unfriend"

@Scientist I read stuff about people like this all the time but have never personally seen it. Am I the only person that isn't...

I honestly don't even go on facebook seriously anymore, I just go on so I can laugh at how annoying everyone is.

and hobos wearing the same trashy clothes... but with less flamboyant colors

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