It's annoying when people complain about having a tummy. It's not hard to do a simple exercise, about 15 reps, every day. It will help. So don't complain about your body and then do nothing about it. amirite?

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People make losing weight sound so much easier than it really is. My friend has been trying for over a year to lose weight and get down to a better size but she hasn't gotten very far. She eats right,exercises, and even takes prescription diet pills but it doesn't work for her. I think she has the right to complain.

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@People make losing weight sound so much easier than it really is. My friend has been trying for over a year to lose...

But it starts off as "It's annoying when people complain about having a tummy". The entire post just sounds like it is assuming that everyone who complains does nothing.

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Isn't the best way to lose your body fat cardio rather than exercises like the ones in magazines?

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym...

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I don't really like my tummy, but I don't bitch about it very often. The effort of doing that every day isn't worth it to me.

Losing weight is fucking hard. It's one of the hardest things a person who's seriously overweight can have to do, and "doing one exercise for 15 reps every day" sure is better than NOTHING, but depending on the "one exercise" will create about the calorie deficit of chewing gum regularly.

In the past year I've lost over 80lbs and I still have another 50 or so to go. But before this past year I'd tried everything too, "low carb", "this one simple diet trick!", "just try this one diet pill", acai berries, grapefruit diets...but there's no magic cure diet or singular exercise. It's a combination of eating WAY less than you normally do, eating healthy food which most overweight people aren't used to - consistently - and exercising regularly, and never stopping, never giving up, all the while having to be disappointed with what's in the mirror, coping with the perpetual hunger, and dealing with your skinny friends offering you junk food because they have a high metabolism and "don't need to diet, so you shouldn't either". It's a huge fucking test of willpower.

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what exercise? anyone know?

@iamthewalrus what exercise? anyone know?

I do ones in the seventeen magazine. You lay flat and lift up your legs straight and then lift your butt up too and go down slowly. Do it 10 times.

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(Addition to my previous post ^^^)
So I have a little sympathy for people who are overweight but do nothing to fix it-- it pisses me off, but I understand where they're coming from.

But it also pisses me off when people act like it's so fucking easy because it's been easy for them. Some people don't have a high metabolism, some people haven't been active, some people were raised on cheese burgers and chocolate milk and are having to teach themselves later on how to eat right. So long as they're trying, try to be understanding.

Weight loss doesn't happen as fast as people who've been skinny for forever seem to think it does. You can follow your diet strictly, exercise daily, and still be lucky to have lost a pound, maybe two that week. And if you ever cheat or give up or slack, then you risk destroying the progress you've been building for weeks, which is why it can take a year to lose 80lbs.

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I brandish the fact i traded my six pack for a keg

I have a thyroid problem so I have a low metabolism, even when I'm on my medication. I can exercise all day and eat nothing but healthy foods and still gain weight. It gets frustrating so sometimes all you want to do is complain. But I try and keep my head up and be optimistic!

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