Even if the 2012 apocalypse wont happen, we should at least keep our eyes peeled. There could be a bunch of lunatics who rob your house and loot the grocery stores so they could get an "early start". amirite?

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Imagine someone just busts into your house, and starts taking your stuff.
"Well we're gonna die anyway, amirite?" Fuck you! Get out of my house!
I'm going to keep a cast iron skillet with me at all times, in the shower, walking to the car, sleeping. Its just in case someone decides to be irrational. I mean you'll never know what could happen, right?

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Luckily video games have actually made me an impressive shot with the revolver pistol upstairs. My dad can get the shot gun. Ill get the sword cane too. My brother can get the pistol that locks up and the literal sword. And my Puppy can use her fat adorableness to distract them.

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I don't know think any of them will be to skilled. They didn't practice with the last 2 or 3 Apocalypses we had this past year or so.

Imagine if everything was feared the way apocalypses are. That would be a sad world.

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