Even if you don't talk to them, you know a majority of your classmates last name, amirite?

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There's like 117 kids in my grade and I know each and everyone's first and last name. Because I'm a creeper.

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I only know cuz of Facebook, hahaha.

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There's barely 100 kids in my class so I know everyone's last names.

Of course I do hello smilie

There are only 70 kids in my class, and most of us have known each other since kindergarden. It's almost impossible not to know each other's last names.

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Theres 678 in my class. i know everyones first and last name. jk i just wanted to join in :)

There were 37 people in my highschool this year. 11 in my senior class. I know everyone's first, middle, and last name.

Even easier if you live in the south

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@Even easier if you live in the south

I LIVE IN THE HEART OF THE CONFEDERACY! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN UNLESS YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF ANONYMOUS MAN OF MISCHIEF. YOU KNOW WHAT WE DO WITH YELLOW BELLIES LIKE YOU?! invite you in and sit you down with a nice cool glass of ice tea and explain our rich culture and ways of the southern born gentleman. Unless you're not white... THEN THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN

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@Even easier if you live in the south

This also confuses the southern born Jonesy.

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@Even easier if you live in the south

In middle school, there was this old black teacher everyone hated. People would sit in her class and say, "The South will rise again!" repeatedly. wary smilie

@Even easier if you live in the south

Statefarm is also Southern born. y smilie South Carolina. Holla.

@Even easier if you live in the south

Well thats just racist fuckheads, but dont worry we use them like untouchables in India. We dont tolerate them because...THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN with the class of a southern gentleman and the force of the blood, sweat, and tears of all the diversified populace. Because "Virginia is for Lovers"

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Each grade in my school has no more than 70 kids. My graduating class was 55 people, and I could name every one of them, first and last.

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I have 265 in my class, which really isn't that many. But alot of the people I'm friends with aren't in my class.

I'm really unobservant.
If it's a class that's like, social I would say yes.
But some classes I don't even know anyones first names.

One of the most awkward situations I've had where this is a problem was when I was talking to this guy, and I was like "What math did you have last year?" and he said "insert teacher here. I was in your class"

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