It's kinda cool that most the people who've met Jenna Jameson describe her as a strong, intelligent woman. You wouldn't expect to hear that about a porn star, amirite?

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Or someone who started stripping at 17.

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It's nice to hear someone is breaking the stereotype. Most of the ones I've heard talk don't have much going on upstairs.

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I think it's cool that someone in an industry that isn't typically very respected by society is garnering so much attention (for GOOD things) and making it more acceptable.

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Similarly (sorta), porn star Asia Carrera played piano twice at Carnegie Hall and is a member of Mensa.

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... Because sex workers have to be unintelligent and weak? :S

@Chou ... Because sex workers have to be unintelligent and weak? :S

Yeah, they HAVE to. Which is exactly how Jenna Jameson is strong and intelligent.

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usually there's only one reason to love porn stars and that reason is them naked

I don't respect prostitutes, but I agree that she's strong for surviving 12" anal and intelligent for getting rich off having sex. To me though, porn is prostitution so I don't think anyone should look up to people (male or female) in porn.

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