Fellow Aliens: The humans will never be able to figure out our plans to take over the world because this post was not addressed to them, amirite?

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Fellow Humans: Why the fuck are you reading this?

Pergensteins avatar Pergenstein Yeah You Are +11Reply

Damn you and our adherence of common courtesies. One day we'll be able to read this post and when we do a reckoning shall come down upon you for being so rude to us and not letting us be part of the group.

ScottyDs avatar ScottyD Yeah You Are +9Reply

Don't you know those humans don't listen?

notmuchnotmuchs avatar notmuchnotmuch Yeah You Are +9Reply

You clever Bastard. Luckily for humans I am a Bad Ass, and I read things not directed towards me.

Same post, different wording...

more aliens on this than i realized... not that i am one...

i am human...

FelixLucianVangs avatar FelixLucianVang Yeah You Are -1Reply


Anonymous -3Reply
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