Even though a lot of people say they hate school, it's still one of the best experiences of their lives. They meet their best friends, they have their first crush, they learn a lot of important life lessons, overall, it's an amazing time, well, except the actual 'school' part, amirite?

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Nope, it taught me to be anti social.

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@Nope, it taught me to be anti social.

Is your name from an episode of Drake and Josh?

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Lol yeah free education sucks right?? The 'school part' can be a good experience if you make it one. Learn about topics you want to learn about. You can be a positive contributer to society.

Uhh, I'll bet a lot of people who say they hate school DIDN'T do those things, which is probably why they hate it. :P After 7 years at my previous school, I keep in touch (aka, e-mail like 3 times a year) with approximately one of them. I didn't even know the names to half my form group right up until the day I left. I know some people are sad to leave school, and that's totally cool and OK, but for a lot of people, they really are the worst years and personally I couldn't have been happier when it was over!
People who say this have likely never been heavily bullied, shunned, had serious difficult with material or other problems. That's fine, I'm not saying it as in "you lucky jerks have everything handed to you". It's just a little arrogant to assume it's "still one the best experiences for their lives" (when they just SAID it wasn't), because for some people, it's a horrible experience. I hated school and I'm sure loads of people had it worse than I did.
Edit: Just to clarify, I always said, even when I was there, "I don't hate school - just the people in it". I personally loved learning, discussing and education in general. :P

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@Chou Uhh, I'll bet a lot of people who say they hate school DIDN'T do those things, which is probably why they hate it...

I understand what you mean, I was bullied a lot when I was in middle school(well, high school for me, because I'm British:3) and yeah, they were tough times but my friends got me through that and it's just amazing that they did.

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My friend is living in a car, he's piss poor, he is unemployed. He says that this is better than school.

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