You've never actually been asked, "Do you want fries with that?", when you go to a restaurant. Usually they will just say, "Is that all you'll be having?", or something like that, after you order, amirite?

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Now I want fries...

They usually ask "Would you like fries or a salad?"

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Lol, surprisingly, i have never heard that when I go to McDonald's. It'll probably get here soon though

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KFC do this too. No matter how many times I order medium they always go "Large, yeah?".


They usually say "Medium or large" when I go there.

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if you order an appetizer as a meal at a sit-down restaurant, they typically ask

I work at five guys, I ask everytime

I think it's because most meals include fries now, so they don't even need to ask anymore.

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A sneaky way for them to ask: "Do you want to make that a meal?"

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