You wouldn't know what to do if you were watching porn and saw someone you knew, amirite?

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"Open wide! Of course I bet you're used to saying that, huh Ted"

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It depends who it is. There's a difference between seeing your high school crush and your grandma.

Your welcome for the mental image y smilie

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Fap harder.

When I was a freshman, there was actually a rumor that my biology teacher was a porn star. Some through-the-grapevine rumor that my friend's friend's brother's friend saw a porn video with her in it.
I never wanted to know.

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I see my friends in gay porn all the time. nbd.

@illgetbannedsoon I see my friends in gay porn all the time. nbd.

Really? Have you ever said anything to them?

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I'd probably just laugh at them for it.

If it was a girl, I'd whack it. If it was a guy, I'd switch to another video and whack it to that.

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