The music of this generation isn't supid; the popular music is. There are still beautiful, meaningful songs being produced today, you just have to look a little harder to find them, amirite?

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I like that song wary smilie

popular doesn't always equal bad
unpopular doesn't always equal good

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(stacym25):I am honestly not sure why you were downvoted on this. It isn`t as if you went "oh em gee you giyz r seww dum lyk kesha nd lmao r da best nd der muziks is seww guud". Anyways, I agree with you. Just listen to what you like, no one should give a shit. Alright, sorry about the slightly unecessary rant.


My thoughts exactly. People have different tastes in music, what one may consider stupid others may consider good. We should all just not give a fuck about what other people listen to.

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They're so amazingly awesome live goo smilie

I'm not calling all mainstream music terrible, and I'm not calling all non-mainstream music amazing. I'm just saying that it annoys me when my dad turns on the radio in the car, hears autotuned Kesha singing about getting wasted and starts ranting at me about how my generation is a joke and back in his day they had "real music". So my point is that there is good music still being produced today, despite the stereotype that this generation has terrible music.

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Though I agree with this, not all mainstream music is terrible. And besides, someone mentioned this above, but I'm sure in earlier generations terrible music was popular, too.

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I NW'd because I like mainstream music.

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that.

Well obviously the majority of people think that top 40 songs are good, or else the music industry is unbelievably stupid. While many people don't like Ke$ha, LMFAO, and Katy Perry, there's a reason that they are at the top of the charts; that's the kind of music our generation likes, and it's good music to those people. Imagine how annoyed you'd be if someone said "oh thank GOD [insert your favorite artist/band] isn't popular!" You're judging their favorite music just as much as they would be yours.

The Head and the Heart

The Cab?

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Yay meaningful music of our generation =D

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The Mountain Goats?

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Justin Beiber?

Poets of the Fall.

the antlers?

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It is sad that that kind of music is forgotten or overshadowed by the more popular music..

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