Have you noticed how people's priorities are all wrong when it comes to health? 'Ooh, there's a hair in my food.' You're eating bacon- there's a pig's ass in your food. amirite?

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I'm pretty sure that as an omnivore, you're supposed to eat the pig ass

The hair however, probably doesn't add to a healthy and balanced diet

I can't stand bacon.

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The hair is far more likely to carry food poisoning than the pigs ass, so it's much worse for your health.

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How about all the fat?

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Good point.

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But the pig's ass is tasty and crunchy. Hair is generally tasteless and can get caught in your mouth or throat and causes discomfort when you eat it.

It's so weird how people will play with your hair when it's on your head, but if they find someone else's hair on their arm or something it's gross.

bacon comes from a pigs SIDE, not their ass. . . guess you fail more than people who worry about hair

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