Scientific research has discovered that the concept of nostalgia sets off a positive chemical reaction in the brain, making the mind slightly/temporarily happy. This means that even if it was something you didn't like (like a boring old TV show), just the nostalgia from remembering it can make you happy. That being said, 90's kids need to realize that not everything was better when they were younger; it could simply be the nostalgia factor that makes the older things seem better. Amirite?

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90s kids are too arrogant. its not like you had to audition to be born in the 90s, so its not a real accomplishement. haha, & i'm a 90s kid myself.

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Graduation Goggles

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And when you think about it, most 90s kids only remember many things from reruns. Full House, for example, ended in 1995. That means that the only kids who could really remember watching it new would have been bored in 1990-1991; a vast minority of "90s kids."

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Yes, but have you seen the shit today?

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@name Yes, but have you seen the shit today?

Well yeah, but that's kinda what happened, the shows that came on when you were younger probably had jokes and material that your parents had seen before too. The people who watch kids shows today are, well, kids so they don't really know or care that it's all recycled stuff because they've barley been introduced to anything. That's why it's such great quality to them, they don't really know anything else.

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@name Yes, but have you seen the shit today?

Everything breaks in seconds, there is no replayability, no one has any integrity on reality TV. Everything is just played out because of a "shock" value. Nothing is made to quality, and I know this because I've played older games multiple times. New games? They're all about online and TV just recycles jokes over and over.

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@name Yes, but have you seen the shit today?

Yeah well now we have better graphics. I play old games for the awesomeness and new games for the graphics and storylines. Legend of Zelda was one of the very few old games with decent stories.

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@name Yes, but have you seen the shit today?

I wasn't talking about kids shows. I was talking about shows like Family Guy and BBT.

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@name Yes, but have you seen the shit today?

Exactly my points. Graphics doesn't make a game. Story was there before, you just weren't looking for it. All new games do is "Russia/Germany has attacked! KILL THEM ALL!!!"

Some old games with good storyline: Star Fox, SMRPG, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country.

New games with a good storyline: Halo. Oblivion. Pretty much it.

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