Sort by price "high to low", yeah because I want to spend heaps of money, that's why I'm buying this shit online instead of in a store, amirite?

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The only use of that option I can think of is when you're on ebay and looking for an mp3 player or something, sorting the price low to high will make you have to go through several pages of accessories that people are selling for that product.

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i do that just to look at all the nice things i can't have

Sometimes I get curious to see how ridiculously expensive some items can be, so I'll use that feature.

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When i'm selling something online I like to check how high it could possibly go for.

haha lol! This statement made me smile. I never understood why anyone would not pick from "low to high" especially when wanting to get a good deal and save some money!

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They probably put it because it's super easy to program, even if .1% of people use it.

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