Disney should go back to traditional animation and use CG on special occasions, amirite?

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Why? Computer graphics look so much better...

@YeahIAm Why? Computer graphics look so much better...

Besides the nostalgia, it's also the artistiry. Many of Disney movies are their adaptations of fairy tales, and classic 2D animation conveys this sense of fantasy that CGI doesn't, it assumes the feel of a classicly drawn storybook that's coming to live before your eyes. Also, I find it incredible that every single little movement, every crinkle of a nose, ruffle of fabric, and blink of eye is meticulously drawn by an animator's hand. Yes, with CGI animators must also carefully map out every movement, but it's different when this is being created through a computer rather than the artrist actually touching his tool to the paper to create the exact images that we see on the screen.

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@YeahIAm Why? Computer graphics look so much better...

Computer graphics are too generic. Drawings make me feel nostalgic :)

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