Maxi dresses and skirts haven't gone out of style because they were made for when girls might need to dress up but they were too lazy to shave, amirite?

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Wearing tights solves the same problem

mnls avatar mnl Yeah You Are +8Reply

and then there's us short girls :(

mylifeisflys avatar mylifeisfly Yeah You Are +7Reply
@mylifeisfly and then there's us short girls :(

Or really tall girls that make maxi dresses look awkward.

Shugahs avatar Shugah Yeah You Are +6Reply

I just hate the look of them. :/

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You think I shave my legs every time I wear something that show my legs? And I'd have to shave my ankles to wear a maxidress or skirt anyway.

Lol, all the time.

Anonymous +3Reply

I just don't tend to like the way they look, especially maxi skirts. The first time I saw saw a maxi dress I really liked was on an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Spencer was wearing it, it was pink.

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