They must apply some sort of ugly as fuckifying filter to the picture before they put it on your license/I.D. amirite?

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My uni ID card is not hideous, but my passport makes me look like a seedy man.

Essems avatar Essem Yeah You Are +5Reply

I hate pictures even more after getting my permit the other day. My eyes are half closed, my hair is skewed to one side, and my teeth look like they're getting ready for a smile.

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When I use my ID to get into clubs the bouncers laugh because the picture is weird :(

Cedzs avatar Cedz Yeah You Are +2Reply

And a filter that makes you look like a criminal.

poppinyoualls avatar poppinyouall Yeah You Are +1Reply

Not Barney Stinson!

Yeah, so my family and I were going to get our passports, and we had to mail in a picture of each of us. My dad was under the impression that we wern't allowed to smile, so we all look like serial killers.... I don't know how the hell they let us into Canada with pictures like that.

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