When you're alive it's almost as if the world is built up around you. When you talk to someone, or when you see people walking about, 99% of the time, you don't ever take into consideration that they have their own lives, and thoughts. It's probably because we've only seen the world through our own eyes. It makes your head hurt that there are 7 billion other worlds around you, amirite?

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I actually always think about this

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@lillyk435 I actually always think about this

yeah me too... it's exciting yet irritating that you can imagin it from another persons perspective but you can't really see how it is from thier minds ! =D

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I am constantly thinking about other people's situations and 'worlds'. Like when I see a random person on the street I think about all the possible events that could have brought them to that exact place and time. If they are happy, sad, worried, depressed, excited etc. It does kinda frazzle a brain though.

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um no i definitely take it into consideration i'm so deep and thoughtful i think about this all the time OP how are you just realizing this XD

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I've realized this before a long time ago, and have actually have given this a lot of thought. If you think about it, just driving to the grocery store, you pass hundreds of people you've never met before, that have their own stories, their own dreams, and their own problems. But, we may never know anything about them. It's miraculous to think that the random stranger at the mall that you accidently make eye contact with could one day be a very important part of your life, or nothing at all.

I remember realizing this for the first time, at five years old.

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That's why books, movies, poetry and songs are this great and popular; they give us a glimpse of that.

That's fucking deep, yo :/

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And It's interesting to think about the array of thoughts people are having around you. Like, when you're in a crowd, some people are probably thinking things like "Ooh I like the shape of that tree" or "Should I eat teriyaki or a burger for lunch?" while on the other hand, there are people thinking things like "I wonder if that tree has the reincarnated spirit of someone from long ago" or "it's incredible how interconnected all the people of the world have become to get to this point where we can have teriyaki and burgers side by side at the food court."

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During random situations (whether I realize it or not), I typically find myself stepping back and imagining myself in the other persons shoes. Whether it's your close friend or some person off the streets, It just really puts you in perspective of what others may be thinking or feeling, and how they react to you.
And depending on the situation, it can be quite fun to try and peek into someones mind or create a life story for some stranger. It's seriously fun to be in the background and watch peoples expressions and how they react in certain situations.
Although sometimes I feel like a creep when I observe too much and know more than I probably should... lol

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When I go past a car from another country I find it odd to imagine that the people in that car right next to me are speaking in a language so different from my own and that even though we are human beings, we may not be able to communicate with each other.

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But how do you even know those other worlds exist? If you can't see them yourself, then you can never be certain they're even there. The only one you know for certain is your own.
(I'm not trying to argue life philosophies. It's just food for thought.)

I think about this when people watching in town. And then create lives and names and stories for them depending on what their expression at that time is and how they're dressed. I wonder how often I'm even remotely close to their real lives.

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Wheres the venting?

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What did the comment say?

Too bad I'm dead...

Especially when you see a hobo on TE street and think why they're in that situation. Certainly they had parents and a childhood, but it's unfortunate that their future turned out this way.

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I just found it interesting, really. I mean, yeah, humans are generally enrapt in their own personal universes/visions and we find it difficult to consider there are billions and billions of personal universes that don't circle or revolve around us in the slightest. That much is a fundamental thing that very few people ever overcome. But isn't that one of the purposes of amirite? To link ourselves to other people in some small manner, however trivial, and forget those boundaries?

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I've seen certain posts that I felt had little merit besides using big words most people wouldn't understand. Not as a general rule, but there have been a few posts where I felt that.

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Oh ok ya there are some posts like that.


What did the comment say?


It was along the lines of people on amirite post pseudo-intellectual bullshit to make themselves feel better about their pretensions and to get meaningless upvotes. I agree to certain extent but definitely not in the context of the rest of the post.

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Interesting. Why would you say you agree with it to a certain extent?


I'm sorry man I'm half venting right now..

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This might sound weird, but I love thinking of other people. When I was a child, I loved to write, and whenever I went somewhere I would imagine different life senarios for whoever I saw as inspiration for characters and plot. I find it beautiful we livin in a world with so many people.

99% of the time you don't consider that other people have their own lives and thoughts? Sounds like a pretty selfish way to live...

"I am the necessary angel of the earth, for it is through my eyes that you see the world anew"

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Too far no smilie Why did you go ruin a really good post?

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7 billion worlds? We live on one planet...

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@7 billion worlds? We live on one planet...

Well if you're looking at it like that, there are way more than seven billion planets out there.

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