Katy Perry doesn't deserve her own movie, amirite?

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I don't really understand this thing about people "deserving" movies or not. If someone wants to watch the movie, and someone wants to make the movie, the movie should be made. It's not like there's a finite amount of movies in the world and we should only allow movies to be made that we think deserve it.

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I don't like the idea of celebrities making their own movies in theaters, but I dont know why anyone deserves it over her.

She's extremely famous, and the amount of really popular songs she's had is really impressive for a pop artist. If she has a interesting story she wants to share, then why not? Who died and made you the movie granting fairy?

Why not?

i fucking love katy perry.

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I don't really think someone needs to deserve a movie to have one... it's not like it's money coming out of the good people of the worlds' pockets to make the movie.

if she can afford to make her own movie and put it in theaters, then why not? She isn't hurting anybody, and quite frankly, I would make a movie if I could. Anybody would if you knew people would watch it.

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I think her story is really interesting though. I probably won't watch it but it would be interesting to see how she went from singing Christian songs to songs like "I Kissed A Girl".

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