Although parent's divorces are always painful, it hurts so much more when you're older and see their marriage falling apart, amirite?

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i would think its worse as a child, seeing as an adult can at least understand how relationships work, and that sometimes they fall apart. a child doesnt get that, he just sees his parents split up and his life totally flipped upside down with the custody battles, which an adult would not have to deal with, seeing as he probly lives on his own anyways.

btw my parents got divorced when i was 9.

Yep. My mom got an arranged marriage. My dad turned out to be a jerk. She has a college degree but see 43 without any job experience. She's told me and my sisters that if she was financially stable, she would've left him years ago. But she's not. Every child thinks their mom is special but my mom is the fucking best. Even when things got horrible and she almost killed herself, she called someone for help. All the pain changed her but she has the biggest heart in the whole world, and I dare my dad to say differently

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