Abortion is the same thing as going to the hospital and murdering all the newborns, amirite?

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The main difference between the two is that I DON'T perform abortions.

You know, aside from the fact that one has already been carried to term, left the womb and breathed oxygen, while the other is an undeveloped embryo or fetus..

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This post is the definition of idiocy.

@Ebony_Way This post is the definition of idiocy.

You know what's also very mean? Comparing something that may save the lives of many young women to murdering babies that have already been born.....

@Ebony_Way This post is the definition of idiocy.

That's a very mean thing to say to a person. :(

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No. The newborns- someone probably wanted them. Abortions- they're performed because no one wanted the kid.

Newborns have already been born. Fetuses can't feel or think when they're aborted. And if they're aborted, people don't want them. We don't need more unwanted babies.
Also, abortion is something a woman chooses to do, she chooses not to go through with the pregnancy. Therefore, comparing it to "murdering all the newborns" is inaccurate. Not every woman wants to abort her fetus.
I think you're really misinformed if you think that comparison is insightful or a way to win an argument. Quite frankly, your logic is flawed.

Any any fetus getting aborted won't feel anything or understand what's going on.

Ok Shut Up Op If you don't want an abortion don't get one! If you don't want anyone to get an abortion either shut up or raise all the kids that were suppose to be aborted by yourself in a very hard situation!

Kill ALL the babies!

@SetUp4Sarcasm Kill ALL the babies!

That's probably why he used it

@SetUp4Sarcasm Kill ALL the babies!

Javvie you don't know me well enough to hate me. And I'm just poking fun at how ridiculous this post is.

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Depends on how late in the pregnancy. And I know you didn't mean this, but it's a lot worse to kill all the newborns than one.

@Emperorerror Depends on how late in the pregnancy. And I know you didn't mean this, but it's a lot worse to kill all the...

Okay I actually have to agree on that one I am against abortion at 7 months but other than that they had plenty of time to think about it befor

A wild troll appears.

@midnightcookies A wild troll appears.

You can't just assume anyone who makes a post that most people disagree with is a troll. This guy seems legit to me.

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@midnightcookies A wild troll appears.

Even if OP's not a troll, the amount of butthurt in this thread makes me all happy inside.

@midnightcookies A wild troll appears.

I assume that anyone who makes an abortion post on amirite is a troll because it is so overdone on this website.

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