We take the time zones for granted. We just accept that when you travel into a different region, you turn the clock back one hour. But it's interesting to think about how that's just a manmade system. The time of day is actually progressively changing by the millisecond as you travel even the smallest distance. Amirite?

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Well time of day is changing even if you don't travel lol

You're thinking/trying too hard... way to hard.

Also, the units we use to represent time are based on the period of time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun once. It's a set scale, not a variable. And time is not some mystical entity of wonder.

This is time ---> No start __________ No end

Simple. And a millisecond is a man-made unit of time.

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If you were to go to one of the poles (or close to) say at an 85 degree angle close to the pole, you could actually travel in some kind of human transportation say a plane and circle the globe atop fast enough to actually live in the same "hour" for 24 hours. As the earth spins you could almost be stationary and beat the Earth's rotation and see the sun at the same angle for 24 hours. I would love to do that and become the man that lived in every hour of the day for one entire day each hour.

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