Racism is awful, but living in an opposite world would be just as bad: “Hey guys have you seen Black Swa-“SHUT UP YOU RACIST BASTARD!”, amirite?

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I admit that would be a little annoying, but I can assure you a racist world is much much worse. And why is this in the animals category? Are you suggesting we are not human?

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Ugh. Something like that has happened to me before. "There's not many black people in this town." (My town is 75% white, and 20% Asian) and my friend says "Shut up! You racist fuck!"

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That's not really racist though; its just stating a color. It's really annoying when someone is just saying a color & someone else screams racist. It's dsjfndsnfs ignorant. Lol. But I'm sure you only made this post because people do that, and not just because you do that, amirite? :)

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