If you knew beforehand without any question, you would start your life over every time you died, you'd try living in every possible way like being a criminal, racist, feminist, assassin, hoodlum, activist, messiah, etc. amirite?

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Not every possible way...

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I'd only be a killer if they respawn too.

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I don't think having more than one life makes it okay to be a criminal.

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I like how you ignore the activist and messiah ones. There are three good in that list and four bad. It's an even split since the total is an odd number and you can't have a half lifestyle. He probably listed feminist early because it ends with -ist, so thinking of the word racist reminded him of the word feminist.

Or he doesn't understand the word and means sexist, using -ist to mean anti-

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It probably wasn't to imply anything about feminists, OP was probably just thinking of different things a person could be, and put them in a random order.

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I wanted to put something good within my list, I meant to put activist earlier, but I forgot and just posted it. I had only evil lives before so I put 3 good a the end, but I was going to put activist and feminist scattered throughout the list to make it seem less evil... but I forgot to move activist.

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Nah. Hoping I live to my nineties, I'd get impatient with my life and if I changed my name, I'd have already fucked myself over. Maybe a week?

I feel like that would be miserable, either like Groundhog Day or like being a Time Lord

At first I was like no I'd always be good, but if that was true I feel like almost becomes meaningless.

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