If you add a W in front of Wii, it turns from an entertainment device to a horrible event from the 1930s-40s, amirite?

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World War 2 is abbreviated to WWII.

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I've never been more afraid of a letter in my whole life.

What Holocaust :/

@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

That's a very good explanation. And the Holocaust alone was horrible too. You shouldn't have to ask.

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@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

There was more to it than the Holocaust. it was the reason a primitive UN collapsed, millions of people died outside gas chambers, and it led to Germany being split between the main powers in the world.

That's just in Europe. In the Asia Pacific, there were mass killings in Singapore and I think parts of Malaya (now Malaysia). Plus, possibly the most memorable events in all history (note that the bolide 65m years ago was PREhistory), the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

1. Weren't we talking about the bombings?
2.That was a movie, not an event.
3. You find a handful of deaths more shocking than thousands of voices crying out in terror and suddenly getting silenced?

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@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

1.Comes before two
2.Comes after one, and
3.Comes after one and two.

@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

Madame needs to cover her boobs...

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@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

1. They wouldn't have had time cry out in terror, so there is that
2. I said memorable, changing it to shock value would change my opinions a bit but off the top of my head I'd say the birth of Christ far surpassed just about every other event in the sense of how many people still know of it after 2000 years and will continue to know of it. Apollo 11 could be seen as bigger by many. The life and times of ghengis khan seeing as no other man has come as close to ruling the world and 1 in 200 people are descendants of his.

@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

I don't think it's right to say the bombings were the most memorable events in history. Relative recentness skews the perspective

@Itwasjustathought What Holocaust :/

Name something with more shock value?

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