On certain posts, you can predict what some of the comments say before actually looking at them, amirite?

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You're so sexy.

notmuchnotmuchs avatar notmuchnotmuch Yeah You Are +8Reply

I killed a man.

lt2010s avatar lt2010 Yeah You Are +6Reply

I like strawberry ice cream.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Well, thank you.

cookiedoughs avatar cookiedough Yeah You Are +2Reply
Annajoy97s avatar Annajoy97 Yeah You Are -1Reply
Annajoy97s avatar Annajoy97 Yeah You Are -1Reply

I'm guessin' this isn't one of those posts hehe smilie

fuzalas avatar fuzala Yeah You Are +3Reply


BuddyCakess avatar BuddyCakes Yeah You Are +1Reply
Wunderscores avatar Wunderscore Yeah You Are +1Reply

Sometimes I think about setting things on fire.

I think about punting babies as a means to calm myself down.

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