All android users secretly wish they had an iPhone but most won't admit it, amirite?

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That's generally what a secret is...

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I love my Android and find it easier to maneuver with, and it's an htc, so I like the look of it (the bigger screen,great camera, sleeker, and I can't stand the single center button the iPhone has). My parents and sister have iPhone 4s, and they admit that my phone is awesome. When I lost my old phone, the company gave me a choice between the HTC and an iPhone. I willingly chose the htc.

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I recently got an Android to replace my iPhone. I will never go back.

@EmptyMelodies I recently got an Android to replace my iPhone. I will never go back.

Same. I switched from an iphone to an android a few months ago and can't believe I used an iphone for so long.

iPhones eat pee pees

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My Android Tablet is amazing. It works wonderfully. The internet is fast, it hadly ever crashes, and it is just over all fantastic. I wouldn't trade it for an iPad. Ever.

I have both devices. IPhone is an amazing device but then so is my Galaxy S3.
It's funny how snob value is attached to iPhone. After using both phones I concluded that phones are not the core issue here - it's the iphone owners who want to feel special. Attitude is at the root of snob war and not the machines.
Case in point would be iPhone owners reactions when instagram was released for Android.

I'll admit it, but that's mainly because I have T-Mobile so I don't have access to an iPhone anyways. They're supposed to get the iPhone 5 in fall and that's when I'll begin talking about how much I love Androids since I'm fairly certain I won't be getting it.

I have an iphone but some android phones are awesome.

I don't have either, but if I had an oppurtunity to get one, I'd choose an Android. I don't like not having Flash player, plus I feel like the UI on Android is easier for me. Plus, I can develop apps for Android without investing in a $2200 laptop first (although I do plan on developing for iPhone eventually, in which I can use the emulator that comes with the SDK or an iPod touch.

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