Unless something magic happens at the Olympics, maybe it's time for Great Britain to change their name to Good Britain, amirite?

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Oooo.. I love this game...

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Just in case you are all REALLY that ignorant, allow me to educate you. Great Britain is thusly called because the island, Great Britain, is VERY large. Hence, it's "Great" Britain. It's a reference to its size, not its stature. The British Isles are made up of many islands, the largest two being Great Britain and Ireland. And the many hundreds of others being called whatever the hell they're called. Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Skye, Anglessey etc. That's why the name can't change. And until the US proffers an island larger that it owns and wants to call "Great", they can all just shut the hell up.

I don't get it...

Well we're now in 3rd place in the official medal tables!

Actually the country is called the United Kingdom, Great Britain is more of a geographical term.
And fuck you, don't dis Britain.

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