You don't understand why couples post all their lovey dovey shit all over each other's facebook walls. No one wants to see it, especially no one single. Just send them a private message, or a text. amirite?

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It's compensating for their insecurity. Most of those "super public" relationships end quickly.

or when people post statuses like "I LOVE YOU LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3" if its directed towards specifically one person, why make a status?

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I think it's supposed to be romantic or something, kind of like saying you love someone and you're not ashamed of them (I think they would have to be pretty insecure to think that needed clarifying).
So I guess as far as I am concerned it's okay as long as it doesn't happen every four minutes.
What really does bother me though is those photos of them kissing, the ones that they took, specifically to put as their Facebook picture. I mean, you'd have to go out of your way to get a picture like that, and they're gross.

"But our relationship is more special and better than everyone else!"

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@StickCaveman "But our relationship is more special and better than everyone else!"

I know, babeh, I don't see why they just can't see that.

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ikr my friend posted this two days ago http://ctrlv.in/100493
like, get a room d smilie

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I have a friend who knew I loved her and still had me ad her to facebook where i wound up seeing all her conversations with her boyfriend daily in my face.

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There is a married couple I know who always does that.. It's so annoying.

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This is actually really hypocritical of me because I can see myself doing that if I was ever actually in a relationship.

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Or you can, you know, SAY IT IN PERSON.

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