If you try your best and still get a bad grade, you deserve that bad grade, amirite?

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I feel like if you don't try and you get a bad grade you deserve it more because you could have tried to prevent it. If you're trying your best and still getting bad grades, there may be extenuating circumstances that are out of your control (bad teacher, learning disability, inadequate study materials, inadequate time, etc), so then it is not completely your fault. I'm sure there is a good argument for the other side, too, though.

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Yes. Unless it's one of those non-educational classes, such as PE or art.

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"Certainally" "preform"


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Spelling errors aside, you had a valid point. Haha

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So what's the point of having language exams in school?

Do you think it'd be okay if you have spelling errors in business or legal documents?

Do you also become dumber when you're sleepy?

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If you have a nice teacher, they will probably bump your grade up a few points for work ethic. I did that for a few of my students just this past quarter.

Wait till college. You might be changing that tune.

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See, that's the problem with so many people now. Everybody thinks that if they "try their best", no matter how horribly they fail, they deserve a cookie and a gold star for their efforts. That's just bull shit. When your best isn't good enough, suck it up and do better. If people get the same reward for mediocrity as others get for above average performance by saying they "did their best", what motivation will they ever have to do well?

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